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What will happen to Junaid Jamshed’s fashion empire?

Junaid Jamshed passed away on December 7 in plane crash, he left behind an extensive legacy a wealth of music, an exhaustive and controversial history as an evangelist and a divided set of fans.

Some people have been reminiscing about his music, others recalling his sermons and amidst all these conflicting eulogies, there are the aficionados who frequent his J. stores.

There’s no denying J. stores growing strength. The brand in present has a whopping 100 stores, stocking unstitched women’s fabric, prêt for men, women and children, perfumes and a recently launched makeup range. According to the official website, 57 of J. stores are scattered about the country while the rest are international standpoints and dotted about the U.S.A , the Middle East and even in Australia.

But what will become of the burgeoning J. empire now that the brand’s representative and shareholder Junaid Jamshed has passed away?

Hamid,Junaid Jamshed’s Business Partner,Told “Over the past few years, Junaid Bhai wasn’t very involved in the day to day running of the business.He was busy with his religious work that would involve a great deal of traveling. Nevertheless, he was a director and a shareholder and we were using his name for which he would be given a royalty.”

Following Junaid Jamshed’s death, the brand observed a three-day mourning period during which the stores remained closed. They are now up and running again. “We will persist with staying true to the values that have always defined our brand,” promised Hamid.

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