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New study has revealed that:Facebook makes you unhappy







According to the new study, Facebook is making us unhappy and depressed.Facebook users who took a week-long break from the social media site were found to be more satisfied with life and rated their own well-being as higher.

The University of Copenhagen experiment involved 1,095 people, half of whom were asked to continue their Facebook habits and half of them were ordered to abstain from logging on.Those who admitted suffering high levels of Facebook envy, the tendency to be jealous of your friends’ activities on social media, benefited most from going teetotal.

Morten Tromholt reported that Millions of hours are spent on Facebook each day.“To make things clear, if one is a heavy Facebook user, one should use Facebook less to increase one’s wellbeing,” added Mr Tromhalt.“We are surely better connected now than ever before, but is this new connectedness doing any good to our well-being?.“According to the present study, the answer is ‘no’. In fact, the predominant uses of Facebook – that is, as a means to communicate and gain information about others, as habitual pastime  are affecting our well-being negatively on several dimensions.”



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