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New Android Smartwatches by Google are Coming at CES 2017







Google is going to launch 2 new smartwatches in coming year. These watches will be flagship devices will run Android Wear 2.0.Android Wear is Google’s take on a smartwatch OS. As the name suggests it links with Android and allows you to use some of the apps from your phone on your smartwatch.

 Information Coming On CES 2017

Google has officially announced the new Android Wear 2.0 and the two smartwatches today. They did not  detail much about the watches themselves saying that more info will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017. Baselworld trade show will also feature new announcements regarding these smartwatches.

The new smartwatches will not have the Google or Pixel branding. They will instead feature the manufacturer’s branding, whose names weren’t shared. Jeff Chang who is the product manager of Android Wear at Google likened the smartwatches to the Nexus smartphone line in terms of collaboration with other manufacturers and end goals.They aim to launch the new smartwatches in order to attract more manufacturers towards Android Wear 2.0.

 Features of Andriod Wear 2.0 and Release Date

Speaking of Android Wear 2.0, the platform will include upgrades over the existing Android Wear. It will be able to run apps on the smartwatch itself rather than using the phone to do the heavy lifting. It will also support Android Pay and Google Assistant. The Pixel phones featured the same Google Assistant AI.Existing Android Wear smartwatches will be able to upgrade to Android Wear 2.0 once the update drops. Not all devices will be able to upgrade but according to Google, most of the recent ones will be able to do so.

Android Pay may not be available on some of the watches after the update. This is because it requires NFC and not every smartwatch with Android Wear has it.Android Wear 2.0 will work with iOS but the functionality on Android and iOS will be different. Android Pay will be available on both however.The new smartwatch OS drops in January 2017 with the final developer preview.

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