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Microsoft can beat Apple and Google by becoming 1st Trillion Dollar Company






Currently Microsoft  has a market capitalization of around 492 billion dollars but one analyst in particular thinks there are better pastures awaiting the company. According to Equities.com analyst, Michael Markowski, Redmond giant could be the first company to have a valuation over one trillion dollars

On record, the highest any company, technology or otherwise, has gone was 710 billion dollars by Apple back in Feb 2015. It slid down not long after to its current state of 617 billion dollars. Markowski debates that Microsoft’s software model makes it more expandable than companies like Apple who focus more on hardware, with higher margins and cash flow.

Besides Tech companies, Apple still rules the roost with a market capitalization of 617 billion dollars, followed by Alphabet at 548 billion dollars, Microsoft 492 billion dollars, Amazon 359 billion dollars and Facebook at 333 billion dollars.

Another important part is LinkedIn, which Microsoft acquired recently for 26.2 billion dollars. The move could bring great rewards to Microsoft in the flourishing business social media market.

Microsoft benefits from paying much less per user on the network than companies like Facebook, at just 60 dollars per user rather than 218 dollars for Facebook. The expected rise of LinkedIn from its four hundred and thirty three million users at present to seven hundred million users by 2020 could be a deciding factor.

Alphabet is the only company that can challenge Microsoft , which could make it a two-horse race in the technology arena. Apple is likely going to be watching from the grandstands.

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