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Low back pain??? “Not a problem”.Use these simple ways to avoid it.

Lower back pain is a serious issue. It’s estimated that approximately Thirty one million Americans experience backaches at any given time and 50% of workers admit to having significant back pain symptoms every year.

Causes of Low back pain:


1. Poor posture

2. Improper lifting technique

3. Obesity

4. Sedentary lifestyle

5. Mild trauma from athletic activities


Most of the low back pain can get better if you stay active, avoid positions and activities that may increase or cause back pain, use ice, and take nonprescription pain relievers when you need them.


Ways to prevent low back pain:


                                 1.Maintain good posture.








1.Use a chair while sitting that provides good back support.

2.Maintain neutral body position while sitting.

3.Stand up with proper posture.

4.If you are an office worker avoid sitting for long duration.Stand up after every 1 hour and walk for about 1 min to avoid pain.

                                      2.Do stretching.

Stretch your hamstrings.

Lie on your back and extend both of your legs straight out. Bend one of our legs at the knee, and raise the other leg straight up in the air without allowing it to bend. Loop a towel around the arch of your foot on the extended leg and gently pull towards you as you push into the towel your foot. Make sure you’re feeling the stretch in the back of your thigh, in a muscle called the hamstring.
Hold the stretch for 30 seconds before relaxing the leg and allowing it to rest on the ground. Switch to the other leg and repeat.
Do each leg three times, and repeat this stretch 2 or 3 times per day.

Stretch your piriformis muscle

Piriformis is another muscle that can contribute to back pain it if is not kept limber. Stretch it by lying on your back and crossing one leg over the other with the knee bent. Pull the knee toward your chest until you feel a stretch between your butt and hamstring areas.
Hold the stretch for 30 seconds before relaxing and switching to the other side.
Do each side three times, and repeat the stretch 2 or 3 times per day.

                          3.Do Strengthening Exercises

Hip Bridging

The patient lies on its back witch the feet flat on the ground and bend his knees. Then the patient lifts his hip from the ground until the back and upper limb of the leg are on the same line.Hold this position for about 10 seconds.Repeat this technique 10 times.It will strengthen your back muscles.

                          4.Switch to healthy life style


1.Take healthy food

2.Quit smoking

3.Be active

I hope that these ways will prove helpful for you.But if the pain persists do contact your doctor.






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