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What is CONTENT MARKETING? My Case Study

What is Content Marketing?

In cricket there is a famous saying that “Catches Win Matches” Similarly in Content Marketing “Content Is King“. When we think of Content Marketing the first thing that comes in our mind is Social Media,Videos,Websites,Blogs etc.

I personally believe in simple and easy to understand concepts rather than long and complicated definitions.

For me Content Marketing is building a relationship with somebody through your Content. The content can be in any form Text,Video,Image etc.

it is giving your content to somebody not familiar with you but start getting trust on you and building a relationship with you through the valuable content you share with them .

it is giving your content to somebody not familiar with you but start getting trust on you and building a relationship with you through the valuable content you share with them .

When users get value from your content then they likely to be more approaching and engaging towards you that how you give value to others and get value in return.

Your content gives value to your users and that’s how they get attracted towards you. Because world is fast and crazy and in this crazy world getting attention is most people first priority.

What is Content Marketing?

 Today in this fast internet world many types of marketing exists:

1- Content Marketing

2- Digital Marketing

3- Online Marketing

4- Social Media Marketing

5- Affiliate Marketing   

In today world one of the easiest way to share your content with others is to have a blog.

Share relevant and valuable content on your blog with thousands of users and build a relationship of trust and engage them to be your readers.

Individuals can share relevant and valuable content through their blogs and can generate huge audience as readers.

Creating a blog and sharing useful content and success stories is not expensive but requires hard work. you can select a niche/topic of your passion and either you can create a blog or Youtube channel and help people.

If you value people and their trust they value you .it all depends on you that how you treat them like you get random users to your blog and you share valuable content for them on your blog that’s how you turn random users into your readers and later on into your customers if you have any product.

Content does not expire easily i mean to say like if your content is a video on Youtube so you have created it once but it get will views and on and on for years to come .your users are getting useful content for free and your are getting popularity among your audience.

 What is Content Marketing?

 Most People have two questions?

Creating content is easy?


Getting targeted traffic?

Thousands of videos publish daily so how my video will rise above the competition.

 What is Content Marketing?

 Real-Case Scenario:

My friend asked me why i am writing for my site as thousand of articles have already been published on this topic so my sudden reply was i want to get famous. Thats the negativity people face with themselves that why i am creating this videos or article as already thousands of articles and videos on this topic is already available. Besides all this negativity i am writing this post and i encourage you to create your own videos or articles besides that so many videos and articles are already available on this niche.

 Content Marketing through Social Media

Let’s take Facebook for example:

Creating your campaign is very import .how you market your valuable Content. it only take seconds for your users to find interest and like your page.

Marques Brownlee(MKBHD)

is one of my favourite youtubers. He is a tech reviewer and i watch his tech reviews the most. he started his channel back in 2008 and now you can see how many subscribers he has. it takes years to get loyal users into subscribers. if you are a tech lover do check his reviews on your favourite gadgets.

Final Thoughts:

With this i conclude My Case Study . Content Marketing is very powerful tool does not matter which form you use. i have shared my knowledge with you what it takes to be considered as good content marketer.

If u think your content is valuable then don’t just keep it to yourself share it with people to change people lives and use Content Marketing.




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