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Amazing & Easy Tricks to Lose Weight !!

Here are some Amazing and easy Tricks to Lose weight in short time by adopting new dieting Habits.

1.Eat Alone avoid eating in Group:

It is scientifically proven that people who eat in a group eat more rather than eating alone this happens because with friends you spend more time at the dinning table while talking and laughing you can eat more Food than necessary.
It actually doesn’t mean you should always eat alone, but try to bring the food which is necessary so that you can always enjoy good conversation without worrying about the amount you eat.

2.Be optimistic:

Just focus on good thoughts and repeat your goals in a positive way. For example: “I lost half a pound!Wow That’s just great!”.“I can eat only the portion I took.” “I can say NO to dessert”. Such optimistic phrases will help you achieve your goals with a positive thoughts in shorter time.

3.While Eating Choose the smallest Portion:

Whenever you are going to eat something or going to order something you should choose the smallest portion there.According to the studies, people who don’t order their own main dish tend to eat everything on the dinning table even if they’re already full,this will increase their Weight.

4.Hungry??Smell Bananas !!

This actually sounds a little crazy one but it has actually been proven that smelling foods like apples,mint or banana can fool your brain and make it believe that you’re eating or you are already Full this will decrease your appetite and will help you lose weight.

5.Eat in Front of Mirror:

Scientific facts assure that looking at yourself in the mirror during eating reduces the amount of food you eat to about 1/3rd and is a best trick to lose weight fast.

6.Use Blue Colour:

Study shown that Blue colour reduces your appetite so try to have more blue colour around you like decorate you dinning table with blue colour.Use Blue Plates, blue napkins,blue glasses and blue tablecloth.

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